Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Exit of Exodus International

Exodus International came on the scene with flare, as in flame, and has officially burned out.  I do believe it was birthed in sincerity, but it lacked the fire of the Holy Spirit.  Too many issues . . .  It began as EXIT which probably says it all!
I've read the testimony of the founder who I now believe, refers to himself as a former-ex-gay.  The gay agenda is so full of terminology for gender non-specifics, I just know I'm going to write something that is politically incorrect.

First, let me say.  There are many sins that our Creator calls abominations, so we don't really need to think we'll be rewriting His Word over our choices.  Not only are several things abominations, there is a list of heterosexual sins, too.  I am openly heterosexual, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I am a disenfranchised heterosexual and that's just a fact of life.  No special interest groups, no fancy parade, just living my life without human intimacy.

Regardless of my circumstances, I do not have the authority to redefine what Scripture says.  I didn't write the Bible, therefore the Bible is not mine to edit or revise.  Even if you want to believe it is not Divinely Inspired and was just written by men, it wasn't any of us; so we still do not have the authority to edit or revise.  Now that we have that resolved, let's get to the heart of the matter.

Anyone who wants to start their own religion or belief system is welcome to do that, but you don't get to redefine mine!  Another simple resolution.  My social circle includes celibate gays, celibate heterosexual, as well as non-celibate acquaintances of both persuasions.  If our society was not so rooted in sexuality, I truly believe many people would just live their particular gender assignment from YHWH, as in male or female, and prefer to not center their life around sexual activity at all.  Oh, I know, the argument is about being with someone you love.  

Well, all these years later, heterosexual adultery doesn't get a free pass, and perpetual fornication raises an eyebrow as well, if the woman is of child bearing age.  The same President who now says his views of gay marriage have evolved, certainly hasn't had any evolution regarding adultery.  Just ask General Patraeus. A woman can now be a single mother of one, and she's applauded for not getting a divorce; but two or more, there better be a Baby Daddy in the picture!  We can't just all walk around driven by hormones and no conscience.

Let's talk parades here for a moment.  The pictures of gay parades are blatantly decadent.  Say there was suddenly a Golden Anniversary Parade and everyone who qualified could participate.  We do not want to see any of that version of frisky any more than we want to see gay hoop-ti-la.  I think much of society truly would prefer that sex went back to being a taboo subject, for everyone.  This concept that marriage changes one's social status isn't just a gay agenda.  Heterosexuals already established the trend to live together and be accepted as a couple, and have diligently determined the "special dispensation" for remarriage after divorce, but that doesn't change what the Bible actually says.  I think when the gay agenda first presented itself, it was called an "alternative lifestyle."  So, if gays want everything heterosexuals are doing, what's alternative about that?

There wasn't a closet for gays.  Everybody kept their business and discussions privately behind closed doors or in whispers at the Beauty Shop.  Back before PMS was invented and there were euphemisms for the word period, which is also a euphemism; the word penis didn't even exist in polite society, men just stood to urinate, and women in hushed tones had "that time of the month" or a "visit from Aunt Flo."   What we have lost here is decorum and nobody is gaining acceptance.  The failure of Exodus International doesn't mean G-d failed or changed His mind.

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the Word of our G-d shall stand for ever.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


The link below is not the first time this gentleman has received "accommodations" in the Maricopa County Jail.  I've followed his situation for awhile, and this second situation has really confirmed what I have seen coming in many situations, regarding the Bill of Rights.

What I see coming is not an out and out persecution on anyone's beliefs, but rather a back door shut down with state and local code enforcement.  I'm not saying he jumped through all the code hoops properly, as obviously he didn't, but the man did build an addition on his home, did not advertise, per se, and is doing 60 days over handicap accessibility.  Congress can't make any law regarding religion, but code enforcement and the sheriff's office can find parking issues or fire code issues, or any thing on a side issue that doesn't persecute per se. Now this same county that has time to raid Bible studies has a booming adult entertainment industry.  

The following statement was cut and pasted directly from the website.

The Board of Supervisors recognizes that some activities which occur in connection with adult oriented businesses are protected as expression under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  The Board of Supervisors further recognizes that First Amendment rights are among our most precious and highly protected rights, and wishes to act consistently with full protection of those rights.

Here, so many of us were thinking the First amendment protected our rights to assemble, free speech, and religious freedom.

Upon searching the ordinances, I found all licensees are supposed to have a designated place of business. I didn't read any ordinance permitting "house calls," and no reference for a special permit for a "discreet rendezvous."  If code enforcement is an issue, why is this business still making this offer, while a man who has added on to his home for "family" is sitting in jail?  The ad itself contained more explicite information, but the point was made, if you'll notice the "I drive myself."  The "service provider" would have no need to include that if there was a designated business address as defined in the Maricopa County ordinances.

The spelling is the way it appears in the ad.
Fantacies Provided
I am an independent provider!  No extra tipping and I drive myself!
In business since 2005

Although I believe we will be seeing the "sidestepping" in many states, Arizona does seem to be setting the standard of the point I'm about to make.
Arizona has legalized medical marijuana, while it is still against federal laws.  Arizona has it's own immigration laws, while the federal government continues to play the fiddle.  I've heard that Arizona promises to protect conceal carry permits from the national data base.
While Arizona openly thumbs it's nose to federal regulation, that state has it's own regulations which are stringently enforced, and I believe we'll be seeing more of that in other states . . .
Arizona blatantly demonstrates a disregard for federal law while baiting with protection promises on hot button issues.

While the "legalize pot" crowd applauds, the feds can still come in and destroy your crop and send you to the federal penitentiary.  While the birthers and anti-immigration crowd loves Sheriff Arpaio, who is reported to run a tight ship; we still call Obama, Mr. President, and phone prompts, say press 1 for English . . . Arizona is esteemed for all of it's strawman arrogance on both sides of the aisle.
Meanwhile there's a father of six, sitting in Maricopa County Jail for having Bible studies in his home.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Biblcal Speech ---- Hate Speech?

This story was contributed by Bruce Timpany.  You can visit his page at Facebook.

{{{ Biblical Speech in Canada a Hate Crime }}}
If you want to understand where the LGBT movement is heading, just have a look at Canada. The gay movement wants to restrict free speech, even religious speech that opposes their sexual orientation and practices. “The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Biblical speech opposing homosexual behavior, including in written form, is essentially a hate crime.”

William Whatcott was distributing flyers explaining the Bible’s prohibitions against homosexuality in Saskatoon and Regina in 2001 and 2002. “The Bible is clear that homosexuality is an abomination,” one flyer said. Another flyer, published in response to the recommendation of the Saskatoon School Board that homosexuality be included in the school curriculum, urged that homosexuality not be taught in Saskatoon’s public schools.

The court found these to be in violation of Canada’s draconian human rights law. “The justices ruled that because the use of the word “sodomy” only referred to “two men” and not also the sex acts of heterosexuals, it was a direct target against a specific group of people.”

The court noted in its opinion that Whatcott’s use of the Bible to target homosexuals was a violation of the law. They said, “[Whatcott’s] expression portrays the targeted group as a menace that could threaten the safety and well-being of others, makes reference to respected sources (in this case the Bible) to lend credibility to the negative generalizations, and uses vilifying and derogatory representations to create a tone of hatred…”

The court also placed the [Hate Crimes] Code authoritatively above the Bible. “While the courts cannot be drawn into the business of attempting to authoritatively interpret sacred texts such as the Bible, those texts will typically have characteristics which cannot be ignored if they are to be properly assessed in relation to… the [Hate Crimes] Code.”

Canada’s “Hate Crime” Code is vague and leaves much discretion to enforcement agencies. The code outlaws material that ‘exposes or tends to expose to hatred’ of any person or group. It essentially outlaws any verbal or written communication that might incite or inspire people to treat people in a prejudicial or discriminatory way.

When gay rights advocates talk about discrimination they include religious expression, and will attempt to restrict or outlaw it if it is against their lifestyle.

The court is using Whatcott as an example to strike fear into the hearts of others who may think to do something similar. Whatcott has been ordered to pay $7,500 to two homosexuals who took offense at his flyers, and pay the legal fees of the Human Rights Commission that took him to court, which could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“It’s worse than I expected,” Whatcott added. “What it means is that my life is over as I know it.”

In Alberta, Pastor Stephen Boissoin was also taken to court for hate crimes because he published his beliefs about homosexual behavior in an op-ed at a local newspaper. The lower court sided with the pastor because he described a specific behavior, not a person or group of persons.

But the Supreme Court of Canada declared that “oftentimes, it is impossible to say that one loves the sinner and hates the sin. It asserted that the hatred of the act was inseparable from hating the person or person group.”

“In instances where hate speech is directed toward behavior in an effort to mask the true target, the vulnerable group, this distinction should not serve to avoid [the hate-crime clause of the Code],” the court said.

In the United States, a number of incidents in recent years have shown that America is headed in the same direction. Several American businesses have been punished in one way or another for refusing to accommodate the homosexual lifestyle, such as the photographer in New Mexico who refused to shoot a same-sex commitment service, Vermont bed and breakfast owners whose employee told two lesbians that they could not hold their commitment service on their property, and a Kentucky t-shirt company that refused to fill orders for t-shirts that were to be worn at a local homosexual pride parade.

“And they said, Stand back, And they said again, This one fellow [Lot] came in to sojourn, and he will needs be a judge: now will we deal worse with thee, than with them [the two angels]. And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to break the door.” Genesis 19:9

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Prosecuted . . . Persecuted?

Regardless of what you personally believe regarding faith in G-d, health care, the combination of the two or the exclusion of either, there is another factor that we at the Goshen Gazette will be bringing to you.

Now Planned Parenthood suggests that a botched abortion that results in a live struggling baby should be left up to the woman's discretion with her doctor.  Now, on the other hand, a sick baby that dies in the care of parents who are praying, their discretion is invalid, prosecutable, actually.  I am leaving these links in tact, so readers can see the source.  Obviously this is not mainstream media coverage!

This next situation, to this journalist, has proven that child birth is better accomplished outside of the hospital and clearly a mother's health is not the issue in ob/gyn hospital care.

We will continue to keep you informed . . .