Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Curious Observation

Upon receiving orders from on High regarding practical preparation, I've done some research and some shopping.  Before making any purchases, I pray and seek Abba, but I do believe He gave us brains for a reason, so I also have done some studying.

As we all know, money isn't worth much these days, and very soon, it will be utterly worthless, so I'm making what I believe are some serious long term investments.  I'm not building bigger barns and I'm certainly not even thinking life as we know it is coming back, but I was called to this place to establish it and stand in the gap on behalf of the land, so I've taken that seriously.  I haven't felt as successful as I'd like to be.  There have been a couple of setbacks and hurdles, but I know a lot more than I did ten years ago.  Actually, more than I did 10 days ago, so there has been progress.

Since animals and meat are mentioned through the year of letting the land rest, I figured this was a good year to truly focus on the herd.  What better place to learn than Jacob's method of herd strengthening?  Through this, I also remembered the herd I built through the last Shemitah.  They were still going strong when I sold them to enlarge the herd.  Before obtaining a large buck, per instruction, I had to sell all the small does, for their health and safety.  The herd of small stature was literally divided and sold to two farms to ensure the bucks were not related to the does.  The herd I built through the last Shemitah was quite strong and prolific, so I took note of the timing.  Now, this time is once again at hand, and I'm building a herd of larger stature, so I've been shopping around and went to a livestock auction this week.

In studying Scripture and researching goat breeds, I've always known solid white goats were out of the question for me.  When I let a grandchild talk me into it, calamity followed.  So, in this endeavor, I shall not be moved.  There are many beautifully marked and varying colors for the goat breeds, but I discovered only two breeds of goats originated here in America, and their traits are quite telling.  First, the myotonic breed of goats is considered the only indigenous species.  The history is interesting, but the unique trait of these goats is the fact that as goats go, they are more fearful than curious.  They tend to not jump and are "easily contained."  When they become anxious, their back legs literally lock up.  Considering current events, this goat just seems to demonstrate the spirit of so many in this country . . . FEAR.

The other American breed of goat is called a LaMancha, and it was actually "designed" and "built" by a woman in Oregon.  The quality of uniqueness in this breed is the absence of ears.  They, literally, do not have enough "ear" for a USDA clip, which is about like a pierced earring.  Every time I look at one of those goats, all that comes to mind is how reflective this goat is of America . . . "no ears to hear."

I'm feeling led to build a Goshen breed of goats, that will be spotted, striped, and streaked of all colors; but their ears will also be unique.  Just as Jacob took care in breeding the herd at the water hole, I'm carefully selecting as well.  There will be no Saanens, no Myotonic, and LaManchas will be limited to outreach . . .  I asked Abba, years ago if I could "live the Bible."  He's allowed many opportunities to do just that!  We are all going to be "living the Bible," it's just a matter of blessing or judgment.

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:  Deuteronomy 30:19