Monday, December 14, 2015

Sex Has Been Sensationalized To Both Extremes

This thought has been bouncing between my spirit and brain for a few weeks, now, maybe  longer, but I didn't have the words for it.  In the beginning of this understanding, I saw a continuum in which the word "sensational" was misspelled at each end.  On one end was "sexsational" and the other end, "sinsational."  With each word was a famous family.  On the "sexsational" end was the image of the Kardashians with Bruce, of course.  On the other end, with "sinsational" were the Duggars.

Obviously, the Kardashians are a sex crazed mess, from teenagers posing for Victoria Secrets, to one of them with a huge silicone rear-end, posing for Playboy.  Well I guess it's not naturally that large, but I could be wrong . . .  Adding to the craze is a 60 year old woman who is pretty and could be aging gracefully, but doesn't seem to have the class to do so.  Class can't be bought or added by the plastic surgeon, you have it or you don't . . . Then there is Bruce, poor confused Bruce.  He was once quoted to have said the hardest thing about being a woman is deciding what to wear.  Clearly, he's clueless when it comes to the difficulties real women face.  Their obvious obsession with sexuality is really beyond over the top and extreme, while they set some bizarre standard of entertainment, calling it a "reality show."

The reality of the Kardashians needs little explanation, their lifestyle and values are obvious, but the other end of the sexual spectrum is much more veiled, veiled being the operative.  The "pure extreme" still makes sex the focus, as well as forbidden, causing much ignorant curiosity, much, much curiosity.  I already know beyond a shadow of a doubt, being a well endowed female, sideways hugs only draws attention.  Healthy recognition and acknowledgement of the sexes, with reasonable boundaries is what really leads to respectability and integrity, socially and spiritually.

I've chosen to write this in the blogsite "religiously incorrect" for a very good reason.  The Duggars raised their children under what I refer to as Gothardism.  Bill Gothard was the founder of "Campus Teams, which was later named "Basic Youth Conflicts" and then in 1989 became The Institute of Basic Life Principles.  His direction of the nation's youth spanned decades from the 60s to the millenium, with the height in fundamental religious circles back in the 70s and early 80s with what was called "Basic Youth Conflicts seminar.  I sat through a week of that seminar as a single mom, having just turned 19; left the church and didn't return til my mid 30s.  There was just something disturbing about the entire ordeal that really affected me to the core.  This teaching was aimed to meet the Boomer generation, and I'd say we Boomers are the proof in that pudding!

Bill Gothard has proven to be an interesting example of the point I'm making.  As this man told men how to run their households, raise their children, and how women should help in that with large families and homeschooling.   Mr. Gothard himself, was never married and of course, never had children . . . I've already heard the rebuttals of my perspective, in that prophets and even Messiah were not married, but still gave word as to the importance of family.  If you've sat through one of the seminars and felt blessed, more power to you.  All I felt was cold, hopeless, darkness.  Could it have been my personal circumstances?  Of course, but then in the later years, it's been discovered that the Boomers raised kids, who for the most part didn't clamor to this training, as the Institute has been losing money for the past 13 years.  That would seem to indicate the boomers did not find hope in these teachings.

Mr. Gothard was also asked to resign after 60 young women came forward telling of what was perceived to be sexual impropriety.  Although he claims innocence, the Board felt the complaints were believable enough, to ask for his resignation.  Here is the official statement:
On June 17, 2014 IBLP issued a statement,[34] summarizing the investigation conducted by "outside legal counsel". In that statement they made the claim that no criminal activity was uncovered, but that Bill Gothard had acted in an "inappropriate manner" so "is not permitted to serve in any counseling, leadership, or Board role within the IBLP ministry".   

It would seem Mr. Gothard's seminars were at their height through the same time frame as the sexual revolution, skyrocketing divorce rate, and the mass exodus from the church.  I'm not saying it's directly related, but the reality is the reality.  This teaching was very instrumental in the Duggar's marriage and child raising.  When I read about Josh, I just couldn't help but draw a parallel.  In reading Michelle's comments about being "available" at any time for Jim Bob's needs, and seeing by the number of children, the man seems to have no other hobbies, what did Josh grow up hearing and over hearing?  Their house wasn't this massive until they became famous for procreating.  I realize Josh has made his own decisions as an adult, but without a doubt, his formative years were very influenced by a veiled, unspoken, and extreme sexuality.

Anything that is focused upon as a secret creates a curiosity.  The enemy knows that, and the flesh responds to it.  While the Kardashians flaunt their cleavage and outrageous dates, the Duggars insist upon side hugs and a chaperone.  Both are extreme while the focus is still sex.