Monday, September 26, 2016

Prophets and Apostles in 21st Century America?

How would Jeremiah, the"Weeping Prophet" be labeled in today's America?  First, I would guess, many of those "in the religious know" would say he's a "doom and gloomer," a "fear-monger," or even "lacking faith."  Considering how much of the Hebrew Scripture was already written and recorded before Jeremiah, he could have been facing exactly what we are today, with the "positive attitude" motivational, prosperity preachers.  Those "prophets" telling the children of Israel, prosperity was coming, may have actually been quoting Deuteronomy and the Psalms, out of context.  Undoubtedly, someone learning a new Hebrew word, these days, would be raising an eyebrow and muttering "lashon hara."

What would "the powers that be" do to a guy who insists upon laying on one side, eating a specific bread and drinking measured water, while bound?  The first thought through my mind would be some sort of forced mental evaluation . . .  On the outside chance he would get through the first forced evaluation, then there would be a repeat of this same procedure, only lying on the other side for a shorter time.  If he were still allowed to have sharp objects, there is the shaving and splitting the hair event.  I'm guessing between Mandatory Health Care and Big Pharma, pharmakeia (sorcery) would be prescribed, so he'd stop hearing "the voice."

How would America respond to an Apostle?  Not the title, as we already know the religious response to that, but someone who truly does live by the faith they claim, regardless of the circumstances.  It seems the American society has so mingled holy with profane, we'd be hard pressed to even identify a true apostle, without attaching the word cult.  An apostle lives by Scriptural application.  An apostle's words match their lifestyle, and they will face captivity, even death based upon The Word of YHWH.  I can say with complete assurance, we are not going to see the manifest glory, if we don't trust Him in the fire.  

Why is it, society and social media are filled with "Pastors and Teachers," even "Rabbis," who expect respect; yet eyes are rolled if anyone mentions "Apostle or Prophet?"  Here, I've been praying for the five fold ministry to gather for 20 years now, and I find those two words somewhat intimidating, myself.  "Evangelist" seems much more comfortable, and I've been using the term "emissary" for years now to describe the office to which I'm called.  An office in the five fold ministry is not about a title, it's about responsibility.

The one thing that stands consistent through history, is the utter disregard, even disdain for the servants of The Most High who desire to please Him.  That's not to say, we humans can't incite some disdain aimed at us, due to our own flesh, but pleasing YHWH has never been popular with the majority.  The first murder recorded in history is a witness to what I'm saying, and the last murders prophesied will be based on the same.

This is real.  We are living in what Messiah said would be "as in the days of Noah."  The passengers on the ark were obviously a small percentage of the population of that time.  Just as ancient Israel refused to heed the warning and the call to repentance, America has done the same.  We need to see this, truly see it, for what it is.  Sounding the warning to repent and prepare spiritually and physically is not fear mongering.  The true apostles and prophets of our day, just as the ones who have gone before, are more than likely, going to be falsely accused and disregarded.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.  Ecclesiastes 1:9