Sunday, July 23, 2017

Talked Out of the Plan

I was blessed sometime back to launch into a project that I had been prepared for, and yet was uncertain in some of the foundation work . . . So I prayed.  YHWH gave me a perfect plan, a complete drawing of the project, but . . . I let men who claimed to know more about it, lay aside what I'd been given, do it their way, and it left me with a bigger price to pay.  Now, here's the kicker.  It didn't seem spiritually significant at the time, but in retrospect, who are any of us to say, we know better than YaH?  And where was my faith to not stand up to those men, who ultimately laid the responsibility on me anyway.  It won't be cheap to clean up the mess, and sadly, it's costing time.  That's the biggest concern, is the time.

I've really not even been able to think straight since I let it happen, until I began to write this.  I've been so disgusted with myself for allowing what took place!  And what is so frustrating is, it's far from the first time, I have fallen into this sort of trap.  It's truly changed my perspective of dealing with these individuals and at first I was struggling to know if it's wisdom or a grudge.  Realistically this dilemma is aimed at the woman in the mirror, so perhaps it is true introspection and I will simply know better next time, which would be wisdom.  The individuals simply didn't know any better, so it's not really about them at all, they just serve as a reminder, a difficult sad reminder of my lack of confidence in walking out the plan of YaH.  That lack of confidence translates to lack of faith.

I cowered and walked away when what I knew was overridden by the plan of man.  Funny how I gave man's plan priority over YaH's plan, just because He gave it to me . . . a woman.  I have to get over the religious brainwashing, that I've entertained far too long.  Unlike Eve, I was not trying to lead any man away from what YaH had said and I truly try to direct everyone toward His Word!

Life is more spiritual than we realize.  Our purpose is 100% spiritual and we need to realize that fact, for the plan to manifest properly in the natural.

Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey ADONAI rather than men.  Acts 5:29

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