Sunday, August 6, 2017

An Unexpected Answer

When I fell, last winter, the injuries were pretty severe.  I prayed and asked for prayer.  Actually, I fell twice.  The first time was painful, but I kept going, the second fall . . . was a show stopper!  Some nearby friends reached out to help me do some things around here, that I was simply too injured to do.  Even Mr. B stepped up to the plate.  I was really in a bad way.  Half of my face was black and blue, but it wasn't as painful, swollen, or discolored as my back, hip and leg.  Several folks were praying for me.  Giving all glory to ADONAI, He has healed me instantaneously, and used me in healing others, but this time, as I prayed and cried and wailed, and prayed some more, NOTHING.  Although He didn't speak it, there was a knowing in my spirit that there would be no sudden or even quick healing.  There were a couple of times, it was so severe, I was tempted to seek medical relief.

Moving was so very painful, but then, so was sitting as well as laying . . . In this, Father did bless me to make a wonderful new pain relief formula, and He did deal with me about other matters . . .  For a time, life just felt very, very bleak.  Thankfully, I never spoke it aloud, but there were a few times, the thought crossed my mind that I would never recover . . . As I was struggling to get some seeds in the garden, while still on crutches, I heard The Voice of Father!  It was a short and very direct statement, "Finish the Book."  Immediately, I knew the book to which He referred.  I'd had the title for awhile, and started it four different times.  The fourth attempt was in the works, but still wasn't gelling as I'd hoped.  What does one do, when hearing a specific instruction?  Just DO IT!

Any one position for very long, was painful, but soon there were writing stations for sitting, reclining, and standing.  As I progressed in the book, my body was improving . . .  I'm not a patient patient, actually I'm a horrible patient!  So, I maintained a certain level of my activities, like seeing clients and maintaining orders.  I did slack on housework and the garden . . . just hitting the high spots in the house, and facing the fact, the garden just wasn't going to be large.  As it turns out, now through canning season, I didn't need to plant much, as there aren't that many empty jars.  In my slacking due to the injury, I hadn't done as much cooking through the winter.  Mr. B's idea of helping in the kitchen is going to the deli in town, so I didn't have to cook for him.  Even with the small garden, there is abundance to share produce with others.  Back to the book . . .

This book was built, and built in pieces, by faith.  As I wrote, I literally had no clue how it would be assembled.  When the time came to type it, Father again spoke.  "Arrange in recorded order, not historical order, and use recognized dates."  Now, I had the plan.  As I typed, it just flowed so easily.  Adding the dates was a bit tricky, but once I established a pattern, it flowed as well.  As the book came together, I realized I was able to physically do more, as well as a dramatic decrease in my pain level.      

By the time "Coffee with Paul and Moses" went to the publisher, I was back to my regular activities, and I got up from my desk walking like I had before the two accidents.  Although I can now accurately forecast rain coming, I'm healed, stronger, and more flexible than before.  I've also learned some great stretches and exercises through this recovery time.  What did "finish the book" have to do with my healing?  Nothing and Everything!  It wasn't the book, it was Father's blessing of obedience!  In the nearly 20 years that I have completely trusted my health to our Creator, this was a real test of my faith.  More than once, I spoke aloud that Messiah Y'hshuah is my High Priest, and the High Priest intercedes in the health care of Israel.

YHUH Raphah b'shem Y'hshuah HaMoshiach.  Amein

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