Monday, December 4, 2017

The Judgment By the Tolerant

I recently spoke with a middle-aged woman and it would seem her greatest claim to fame is her amazing tolerance, including much that is sexual . . . i.e., the discarding of her moral compass.  I've noticed for some time now, the secular tolerant seem to be the most glaring example of their own lack of tolerance and outstanding racism.  Then there is the vocalization of condescending judgment against those who have actually worked to acquire what they have gained, with a definitive lean toward socialism in their apparent perspective.  But their socialism is a one way street.  Those who have acquired should share, but their personal income is to be spent according to their wishes, which seem to be primarily on instant gratification for themselves.  So, at least they aren't saving and amassing . . . When it comes to sex, however; their tolerance for everything, except privacy and decorum is vocalized ad nauseam.

Interestingly, this individual handed a couple of left-handed compliments my way, while also including her judgment that I am not living up to my potential . . .  I spent a great deal of that conversation just praying I wouldn't say the wrong thing or anything that could be misconstrued . . . Fortunately, she's the type who monopolizes the conversation, so to get a word in edgewise is a feat unto itself.

The drifting away from G-d's standard began years ago, here, but it's no longer drifting.  We are now running full steam ahead toward moral poverty, and the culture including the economy will follow . . . Ultimately we'll have socialism which will be nothing more than shared impoverishment for the masses.  Yet, I digress.  Back to my rant . . .

The judgment against Bible believers by the tolerant is becoming blatantly obvious.  By referring to Scriptural obedience as legalism, Christianity has slipped, and sadly the "tolerant" are choosing to redefine everything, including the words of Scripture, they do not choose to believe. 

The days of doing what is right in one's own eyes, while judging anyone who actually does attempt to live by The Word of our Creator, or even a generalized moral compass; have arrived.

 . . . every man did that which was right in his own eyes.  Judges 21:25b